“Fear of the journey will ensure you never reach the destination,” he said aloud to no one in particular. “You’re always spendin’ time, make sure you spend it wisely.”

Maybe he should take his own advice, I thought to myself.

I tried not to look at him. His hair was…

I had to drive her home, but I didn’t want to. I wanted her to lie beside me and watch dumb cartoons forever, but I had work in the morning and she had a family to go home to. She wasn’t pushy about me taking her home, but the longer…

“You ever feel like you’ve wasted your life?” That’s what I said to my best friend on the phone as I walked to my car. I had just gotten out of a Best Buy and I was looking for one of those stupid iPhone dongles because Apple’s unquenchable need for…

What is it to achieve parity? My life was one of juxtaposition. A life of contrast is prone to conflict; both internal and external. As a teenager I was morbidly obese. At one point more than 350 pounds hung from my suffering skeleton. I had an epiphany and slimmed down…

During the Bush Administration

Cuts were made.

One of the biggest cuts was to HUD.

Housing and Urban Development

Low-income housing falls under HUD.

I had an old refrigerator.

And like many old appliances, it suddenly stopped WORKING.

The broken fridge was owned by broken people.

Who made broken systems.

Abraham Woodliff

Bay Area native, Hip Hop nerd, literature and poetry enthusiast, freelance writer, gamer, caffeine addict. Follow me on Twitter.

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