The problem with San Jose is that its city limits are too big and broad, which lends people to thinking it’s something that it’s not. You hear that San Jose is the biggest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you imagine this crazy metropolis, more in line with San Francisco and Oakland. Then you get to San Jose, and you realize that it’s a ton of suburban sprawl that has more in common with Sacramento than it does San Francisco. That’s another problem, people think it’s really close to San Francisco. While San Jose sits on the southern shore of SF Bay, it’s 50+ miles away from San Francisco proper. San Jose is really cool for what it is, and has a ton of stuff to do. The problem is people compare it to SF directly, and that’s just not fair. Most big cities are like San Jose. I’ve been to Vegas, Portland, Seattle, even America’s second largest city, Los Angeles is largely suburban. Outside of Downtown, streets are quiet and relatively empty. Most places aren’t ultra dense like SF/Oakland or NYC… lol Long winded semi-rant over. Good article!

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