Abraham Woodliff
2 min readNov 17, 2019

There is a tradition in cinema; a type of film that traces its lineage back nearly 100 years.

These films showcase a horror that is incomprehensible.

The dead coming to take the living.

They’re called zombies.

They’re slow moving and soulless.

But behind their listlessness is an army of others, just like them.

One is easy to defeat.

But there is an endless amount of them.

They overwhelm the survivors until they are none left.

For them, there seems to be no other goal but to infect every last living person, until they too become zombies.

The walking dead.

The living dead.

Can you imagine a world like this?

A world filled with zombies?

All sharing the same goal to no end.

Just existing to create zombies.

And the zombies created by the zombies just create more zombies.


In perpetuity.

Wouldn’t that be horrible?

Luckily these types of things are just limited to cinema and other storytelling mediums.

No basis in reality.

Let’s not dwell on this topic any longer.

It’s a distraction.

Kiss your wife.

Tuck your kids into bed.

They have to get up early for school.

They have to get a good education so they can have a good job.

You have a good job.

And you have to get up early for that job.

Get on the road with the others.

I know the traffic can be annoying and the work can be boring.

But try to focus on the goal.

Don’t worry about silly themes in movies.

Don’t worry about zombies.

Just be glad that we don’t live in those crazy movies.

Just be glad that you’re not a zombie.



Abraham Woodliff

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